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Design History

Call for Papers - Arts to Enchant: Postgraduate Symposium in History of Art, Glasgow

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Design History

Call for Papers - Arts to Enchant: Postgraduate Symposium in History of Art, Glasgow

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Arts to Enchant is a one-day symposium that will bring together post-graduate academics and practitioners to discuss the role fantasy plays in visual culture. In the context of this exchange, fantasy will be examined, not just as an imaginative impulse, but also as an essential artistic outlet for the dark fears, strange desires, bright hopes, and frothy whimsies that reason cannot exorcise.

In order to create a flexible forum for original interdisciplinary exchange, this symposium will encourage exploration of diverse formations of fantasy across all periods and in every facet of visual culture. Possible areas of exploration are therefore broad and include: graphic design and illustration, film, photography, animation, fashion, performance, science-fiction and fantasy art, graphic novels and comics, architecture, archaeology and history of art.

Other themes include but are not limited to:
Fetish/ Goth
Fairy tales & Mythology
Dreams/ Nightmares
Theoretical/ideological/psychoanalytical Fantasy
Aesthetics of Fantasy
Black/ White Magic
Performance and Masquerade
Monsters and Monstrosities
The Surreal/ The Uncanny
Erotica/ Eroticism

Papers should be 20 minutes in length. Abstracts of no more than 250 words should be submitted in English with the speaker’s name, institutional affiliation, the title of the paper and, if applicable, a list of any audio-visual requirements.

Deadline for submission is Friday the 13th of March, 2009.

Please Send Abstracts to:
Arts to Enchant Symposium
History of Art Department
University of Glasgow
8 University Gardens
G12 8QH

University of Glasgow website: http://www.glasgow.ac.uk
Department of History of Art: http://www..glasgow.ac.uk/historyofart

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