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Design History

Manuel Orazi's L'Atlantide, Part III

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Design History

Manuel Orazi's L'Atlantide, Part III

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Manuel Orazi
title card

Through out the film, motifs in Orazi's hand painted title cards, repeat throughout the set design. I especially like these cats.

Many of the set designs are heavily influenced by the work of Gérôme and other artists of classical antiquity and the Orientalism movement. The director Jacques Feyder insisted the movie been filmed entirely on location in the Sahara. Even the interiors were filmed in an improvised studio in a tent outside in the desert.

DVD preview, it's very interesting how Jacques Feyder brings to life Orazi's designs.

  Comme Au Cinema

But Orazi's orientalist designs are often contrasted with huge stark sets, with hints of the coming of Art Deco and German Expressionism.

It seems now with the of easing technology, we see more individual artists expressing their own unique vision. But rare do we get to see one complete vision in recent movies. I hope you enjoyed my look at this little film and find it as exciting as I do. Thank you.

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