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"All art is useless" - Oscar Wilde

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A community to explore the history of design.
Design History is still being hand-crafted...

This community is being developed as a forum to discuss the history of design. This is a broad topic, and many other art movements fall under it's heading. Please feel free to explore and engage in the subject, there is much to learn!

A few basic rules -

• When posting an image, please post as much information as possible - title, artist, date, dimensions, location, and source for example. Obviously much of this information may not me known, but do your best!

• Please also feel free to talk about your post, offer analysis, or ask questions!

• As this is a forum for the study of the history of design, we've decided that posts promoting your own work are not allowed. There are many other places on LJ to do so, best of luck.

• Promotion of other communities are welcome provided they are relevant to our topic.

• WARNING - LJ Cuts are not required, this is an image community. That said, please don't post huge images or lots of them. In all things, balance.

Yours hosts...

astartesyriaca is a art/design historian (and ex-pat) living in Glasgow, Scotland. She specializes in 19th century British art, with particular interest in the Glasgow style, Aestheticism, and 19th century Fashion reform movements. In the past she has worked in museums, taught kids, and wreaked havoc while driving across the USA.

nekokaiju is a freelance artist/illustrator living in Richmond, VA. He is currently working on many exciting projects, including freelance work for Lucasfilm. He is well versed in the history of design, particularly with the Arts & Crafts movements and early modernism. He studied art in Virginia as well as at the Glasgow School of Art. His work is brilliant, check out his page. To be fair, he did NOT write this.

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